Group Fitness

We believe that people grow in community, not in isolation. Join a non-judgmental, supportive group of family-focused individuals committed to making a difference in their lives and their health.

Personal Training & Customized Programming

Do you have goals that require intense feedback? Are you training for a marathon?  Are you interested in being pushed towards your goals while in a one-, two-, or three- to-one ratio? We can customize a program just for you!

Nutrition & Recovery

We know how important quality nutrition is as it impacts every other area of our lives. That’s why we put such an important emphasis on it here. We believe in eating real foods, that work to heal and aid the body in staying healthy and strong and staying away from processed foods and excess sugar.

Are you tired of being frustrated with your body and getting rid of the excess weight/fat that you have? Are you tired of having a lack of energy and hitting that afternoon energy dip? Are you tired of your body feeling older than you really are? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then 3E Fit is the right place for you as we use our expert coach led training to help you drop that stubborn excess fat, get the body you want and have you feeling younger and stronger than you have in years.  Classes are 1hr which allows you to get in and out efficiently without wasted time and we take the guesswork out of the equation. We offer also offer a variety of memberships, individual nutrition help, program design, bodyfat testing, resting metabolic testing and personal training if needed.


“We believe that your hardwork combined with our guidance will produce the results you’ve been looking for.”

“We believe that your time in the gym should enhance the quality of your life outside of the gym”


3E Fit members can expect a friendly and uplifting environment with workouts that are expertly designed, challenging, fun and modified appropriately to allow you to continue making progress and deliver dramatic transformations. Our programming is driven by science, fueled by innovation and focused on Results. We employ various modalities and tools to deliver great results.  If you are ready to put forth the “EFFORT,” then we welcome the opportunity to serve you!!


And now....

Come in for a complimentary trial class! We can't wait to meet you!